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        Introduction By: Remi Gonzalez    

                                                                                             (Started) Dec. 3, 2008 Open Response:
     Most of us are aware of the Boston cover up scandal. Some Catholic Dioceses' in United States have shown a pattern of covering up scandals. In my case Virginia A. the teacher from my daughters' Catholic School and myself with about 4 other parents, reveal the biggest school abuse scandal cover up in the history of  the Diocese of Buffalo.

      I also had no idea that another organizations of parents was form and reveal to the Diocese and the school of all the problems months before Mr. Butler was arrest and nothing was done. In 2004,  we had the principal removed  and the Canonical adviser. 

    I then made a plea with the Bishop in his office on Oct 25, 2004, to arrange for an apology, they accepted the idea and  then rejected it. Note: When I mention the Diocese of Buffalo I am referring to a couple of employees who work there and dislike me. 

 ** Trying to shut me up and getting rid of me became was their main goal. I warned the Diocese of Buffalo  that I would report the cover up of my daughter's  school to the New York Times, no one believed that I was capable of getting this press release, in August, 2007 I proved my point. 
    I was then fired by the Diocese of Buffalo two times August 30, 2007 and then again Sept 14, 2007, for publicly revealing this scandal.** I have the letters. Remind you my In-Laws Website was not up until  around Oct. 2007. For the sake of understanding when I mention my In-laws.... I'm referring to the people who where involved in this website thetruthaboutremi and the 1989 ordeal. 

They (Diocese of Buffalo) finally said they had a reason to fire me. They brought up a case that the Diocese of Buffalo cleared me three different times, my in-laws case, you will read and see  that I was cleared all three times, 1989, 1994, and 2003. 

The Diocese of Buffalo wanted me to "table" both issues my in-laws claims (website) and my case against the school.( Deal or No Deal) I will not compromise for what happened at the School.
     No apology to these 11-13 year old students then fire me. They fired me for the third time on January 2 , 2008, so be it. My calling was from my Lord in 1982 not the Diocese of Buffalo, and I will continue helping all who call on me and will always serve the 'Roman Catholic Church'. I was never hired again after I was fired on August 30, 2007, so how did I get fired two more times? 

     The teacher Mr. Butler who was arrested, entered into a plea of guilty and his conviction speaks for itself. The kids were telling the truth to the Administration for almost two years.
     There is a website about me, Remi Gonzalez. This website claims this is the first time they have come forward public. You will read and  find out that they have revealed this in 1989, 1994, 2003 and now in 2007. So why the website? My in-laws really believe that since I became involved with teens as a Youth Director in 1982 that there are hundreds of victims out there. After all I have worked with thousands and I mean thousands of teens.. 
     This website backfired on them and produced not one teen in 26 years or since 1982 and now the damaged is done, again. Their website is not about my whole past life but about  what they believe I am presently doing or will do. If you have a issue with someone confront them, could you imagine if your whole life of everything you did in your past life was on a website, including my in-laws past life actives.
     Let me give all of you a quick insite of what they (my-in-laws) and Sarah Webster did in 1989, when they accused me of raping three teens from our youth ministry in the late 1980's.  This is why  they came out with their own allegations in 1989.

     Yet you will not read anything about the below letter (data) from their website! Here is a letter from one of the so-called victim: These charges were file by my in-laws and none of the victims new  charges were reported to the Police......   

Please Read The Letter From Colette L Clark To The Bishop: Dec. 12, 2007

Bishop Kmiec
795 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14203-1250

RE: 1989 Allegations
        Sacred Heart RC Church

         Laura Maroon, Sarah Webster, Nancy Porto Maroon (Website), & Paul Barr

Meeting of December 7, 2007:
     Greetings Bishop Kmiec:My name is Colette Clark I’m 36 years old and I came from a Catholic family in which my grandfather Joe Sorci, was consider one of the pillars of Sacred Heart Church. I was informed by Remi Gonzalez that there is a website up that states: Quote From Website:Updates to Our Story: Following Remi Gonzalez' media appearances, we -- Laura, Nancy and Sarah -- contacted the Diocese of Buffalo to inform them of the allegations against Remi Gonzalez. We also informed them of our complaints to the Church against Remi Gonzalez in 1989. See Supporting Documents for more information.
     After our discussions, the Diocese opened an investigation into Remi Gonzalez and informed him in a letter that he will not be allowed to operate inside the church.Remi Gonzalez told me that at a meeting that was held on December 7, 2007 pertaining to allegations made by Sarah Webster, Nancy Maroon Porto and Laura Maroon. He was there with his lawyer John Licata of HoganWillig and the lawyer from Diocese of Buffalo, Larry Vilardo. There were no shown statements from these people and the Website sheets were given to Remi Gonzalez as evidence along with some question notes that Larry Vilardo had.
This investigation in 1989 had three girls’ names that was submitted to the police department by the above names mention and others. This family Theresa Kasper, Sarah Webster, Laura Maroon, Nancy Maroon and Paul Barr, went to the police department and filed a complaint on my behalf and the other two girls, that Remi Gonzalez raped me in the late 1980’s.     

     When Detective Brooks show up at my house in 1989 to inform me of this allegation I Colette Clark literally through him out of my house I was a teenager at the time. Paul Barr had his wife name on the Police Report as Remi Gonzalez raping her, when she was confronted at the Parish Council she denied being raped as did the third girl with her family.This false allegation devastated me because I never file the charges. This all became public and I had to live with it for years.
Let me tell you something if it wasn’t for Remi Gonzalez I would probably not be here, today with my 4 children. I was told to go to him for help when I was raped by my Father since I was 7 to 12 years old. Remi Gonzalez spent years helping me and eventually we when to trial and had my father put in jail. Remi Gonzalez had his life threaten for me and would always tell me the Lord Jesus Christ will protect him and myself.

     He even told me that one day I must forgive my father. One more thing for your information I was injured in a car accident when I was 11 years old. My court settlement was for $3.9 million dollars. Never did Remi Gonzalez ever ask me for a dime for himself or even the Youth Ministry. In 1989 he was embezzled for $150,000.00 and was broke.
Quote From Website: However, the lawsuit that Remi Gonzalez said he plans to file is quite hypocritical and we believe strictly money-seeking in its objectives.Let me get to my point, it was stated that after the police investigation, the DA, and the Diocese of Buffalo investigation, if Remi Gonzalez was clear, the Sacred Heart Parish Council would vote that this whole ordeal will be sealed to protect my name, family , Remi Gonzalez family and others.

     We received an apology’s from the Diocese of Buffalo and Remi Gonzalez received a letter. If this case is brought to light again in any way I will reserved my right to file a defamation and slander suite against you and all involved.

     Remi Gonzalez inform me that he talk to Pete Zacrella in Florida on November 17, 2007 who was the finance advisor at the time and Pete confirm the whole case was to be sealed after I was clear especially to protect our names that was made public back then in 1989. Remi Gonzalez also inform me that Bishop Cunningham in 2003 confirm this case was to be sealed after their meeting.
     This 1989 allegations is obviously open to the public again. Mr. Larry Vilardo at the December 7 2007 using this Website as the evidences. Mr. Vilardo claims in a letter Remi Gonzalez show me that Dated September 14, 2007 that Remi Gonzalez is aware of the Allegations, show me how he was inform, Remi Gonzalez was never aware until Larry Vilardo wrote him in September 14, 2007.

     Don Blowey letter of September 14, 2007 and Father Dave Griffin of August 30, 2007 makes no sense. Sarah Webster, Nancy Maroon, and Laura Maroon (I understand Paul Barr involved) have no new allegations from 1989 to 2007, their Website is the claim and refers to 1989...

Reference to 1989: From Website That Was Used At The December 7, 2007 Meeting
  • This site is run by a group of women who allege that Remi Gonzalez sexually assaulted them during the mid to late 1970s, when they were young girls, aged 7 to 15.

  • To the contrary, it is our opinion, based on our personal experiences, that Remi Gonzalez is a savvy criminal, who has escaped accountability for his crimes primarily because of the New York Statute of Limitations, which says it is too late to prosecute Remi Gonzalez for his numerous sexual crimes.

  • In 1989, nearly two decades ago, our representatives approached the Diocese, asking that Remi Gonzalez not be permitted to serve as a youth group minister or work with children in any capacity, given the allegations of sexual abuse against him.

  • At that time, the Catholic Church failed to take action against Remi Gonzalez.
    The Church is now actively investigating Remi Gonzalez.

  • Nancy
    In 1989, I realized that I was not the only one Remi abused. I struggled with this and the fact that I could have stopped future abuse in 1976.

  • Sarah Webster, then 18, sued Remi Gonzalez in a New York state court (See complaint here). (In 1989)

  • In 1989, when confronted with his crimes, Remi Gonzalez denied them and refused to apologize. He also asked Sarah to deny the allegations to protect his wife and children.

  • In 1989, I returned to Niagara Falls for a visit. I spoke with my younger sister, Nancy and she made an off-hand comment

  • Following Remi Gonzalez' media appearances, we -- Laura, Nancy and Sarah -- contacted the Diocese of Buffalo We also informed them of our complaints to the Church against Remi Gonzalez in 1989.
    After our discussions, the Diocese opened an investigation into Remi Gonzalez and informed him in a letter that he will not be allowed to operate inside the church.

  • Sarah Webster's allegations against Gonzalez are also fully outlined in a 1989 civil suit against Remi Gonzalez.

  • In this 1989 letter to Sarah, in response to the lawsuit

  • Nancy and Sarah's mother went to the police in 1989 and filed this police report.

  • In conclusion, we are pleased the Diocese of Buffalo is now investigating this matter -- even if it is nearly 20 years after we first brought the matter to their attention. We understand that both the world and the Church have evolved since that time period.
    We look forward to the decision of the Diocese Review Board.
I want this letter send to the Diocese Review Board , Don Bl, Larry Vilardo, Bishop Cunningham and Sacred Heart Parish, also Remi Gonzalez said he would see to it that this gets send to them. Remi Gonzalez gave me a copy of his Website response and his notes to the response of the December 7, 2007 with his attorney, wife, and Larry Vilardo.
For someone like Remi Gonzalez saving Paul Barr life (See Newspaper Article In Documents) he should be thankful. I want all the claims by Paul Barr and his sworn statement and Nancy Maroon Porto, Sarah Webster, Laura Maroon and all others if there are any.

The Website thetruthaboutremi was created on September 24, 2007 with a false city and state, yet you release Remi Gonzalez on Sept 14, 2007 on what new claims? Mr. Larry Vilardo stated he had no idea about the 1989 claims and this investigation is new, yet he is using the Website as is evidence that has nothing but references to 1989 and his past.
I understand that the 1989 allegation have already been open and that their are letters being sent out to all the parish’s about Remi Gonzalez and that Don Blowey, from the Safe Environment Program has open this allegation. I need your response on this and the purpose of all the letters and the remarks made on the website by Laura, Nancy and Sarah and your purpose for opening up the 1989 allegations. You were given all the facts, reports, and data back in 1989 and 2003.
Colette L. Clark, Lee
  • Did Bishop Kimec review Colettes' letter with my in-laws to question their lies?  No
    Did the lawyers for the Diocese and the Review Board read the letter? No
  • Was Colette Clark willing to confront my in-laws? Yes! Is she still willing to? Yes
  • Is Colette Clark still willing to confront them in a Court of Law? Yes 
This letter will appear again on this site with the Bishop's response to Colette Clarks' letter. I Remi Gonzalez was facing 30 years in prison because of this lie, you are free to write to Colette Clark using my e-mail address My in-laws in 1989 made this public only to try and destroy my family and 3 children.   The whole case was thrown out and the police cleared  me of all allegations.
My name is Remi Gonzalez my whole life changed after meeting in Rome  (1980) with Pope John Paul II there is "no doubt" that my past life was bad. The website by my in-laws and niece seems to want to add to my past history so I’m responding with my side of the story. I have 5 wonderful children and a wife of 35 years, we met in High School and have a great family.
I’m responding to the website A website that my in-laws and niece put up in Oct. 2007 .
I wanted to file a lawsuit that day but a few family members asked me to try and negotiate. No ones past life has been more public than mine. At all my public speaking I've always mentioned about my evil life. How my Lord changed my life and received a healing from Him. Drinking 3 bottles of whiskey a week, drugs since the age of 13, Speed, LSD, and not to mention I smoke 3 packs of Kools a day.

I was involved in Organized Crime, booking, part owner of  Three Pancho's Club at 19 and living the high life. All cured by my Lord, no rehab, no drug counseling and now at the age of Fifty Four, I'm very healthy. My Lord has forgiving me and all can be forgiven if we repent.
You can ask anyone on earth, no person has lived through more hell married to me the first 7 years than my wife. When I changed my life she showed and taught me the power of forgiveness and what love is.  I was a very powerful man in the 70's who had no faith or belief in this Jesus Christ, my faith was my Liberty 22 semi-automatic and my father and friends from Organized Crime, that was my God. I repented and my Lord forgave me.
I ask my wife the same questions thousands of my friends ask: why did you put up with me (Remi) all those years? My wife  said that she looked out our window almost every night for seven years ( almost 2,500 days) and prayed to the Lord that He would touch me and change me, and He did.
My in-laws and Sarah Webster put up their website to try and destroy my wife and family.

 If I, Remi Gonzalez couldn't destroy her life and soul and I had the power to do it, they have no chance or hope. THEY SHOULD LEARN FROM HER. My father-in-law,  told me without directly answering my question, that Barbara was his favorite, she was the only one who did not have to finish her dinner when she was a child and was never "spanked by him," ever.
                                    Read more about my life go to
So Let Me Begin:   At my sons" graduation from Pof P Catholic school, in the Homily it was stated that a student said if you have nothing good to say about someone then say nothing. Now these people force me to respond publicly.

If a book you read has truth and lies in it, the book becomes fiction. The web site has more lies than truth. The response from the public has been overwhelming and supporting of my family. As for me, personally, you can do and say as you please, but this hurt my children and especially my daughter; who was a victim of Mr. Butler’s and his Regime. Who also stalked her for almost a year. Thanks to my in-laws and their website, which only added to my daughters' pain.
About 90% of the my website response was given to my in-laws on December 7, 2007. This meeting was held on behalf of my in-laws who file their 4th complain since 1989. The Diocese of Buffalo, the Attorneys, with my wife and myself met and we prove that my in-laws made these allegations in 1989, 1994, and 2003. We prove (as you will read ) that all three Bishops clear us.
Now A Second Time: We met with the Attorney D. G. Jay in April 2008, who is the lawyer for my in-laws. We submitted all of our documents from 1989-2007 which were over 100 pages to Mr. Jay and he returned them (June 2008) without disputing one single page. They only requested from my Lawyer a copy of the 1989 police report documents that I had. They stated that the web site would stay up. They could not dispute our facts. 
My wife told Mr. Jay that the main purpose of this website was, they believe that I, Remi Gonzalez has hundreds of victims out there, since I 've been a volunteer Youth Director for over 26 years and they accused me of being a pedophile. Mr. Jay told my wife that they may receive responses from other victims of mine, my wife said "if they had any it would have been on the front page of the website", Mr. Jay agreed. We also told Mr. Jay that Sarah Websters' mother told my wife that this whole website backfired on them.

After meeting Sarah's/In-Laws Lawyer, Mr. Jay asked, do they know  you have all this data and documents? I then recommended to make copies for him.  Almost 90%-95% of my response to their website is taken from the documents I submitted to the Attorney Mr. Jay and my in-laws.

I started in 1982 working for youth without a Diocese and will continue without a Diocese, this website has made my family become even closer. Even my enemies became my friends again when they read or heard about the website.

The threats to me from my in-laws  not to defend my daughter at the school scandal in which we had the teacher Mr. Butler arrested (will be addressed later) and they stated they will file a lawsuit against their own niece is very disturbing. (August 25, 2007)

Teacher Virginia Abbott Story:
Virginia Abbott  the teacher at NG my daughter Catholic School quit her job because of Mr. Butler and the Hostile Environment of two years. Mrs. Abbott was denied unemployment and loss her case against the Diocese of Buffalo on  7/9/2004.
I, Remi Gonzalez ( without a lawyer) then help her with the Appeal Court No #521979. In her appeal   on 11/23/2004 she list the following problems with the school;  Mr. Butler, some staff members, violence, pornography, principle, canonical advisor, the reports she made for almost 2 years, the Sup. of School (Diocese of Buffalo) knowledge of the incidents for over a year, reports of endanger the welfare of a child and etc.... I call it for all these victims and students "The Regin Of  Terror".
The Administrative Law Judge's (Albany, NY)  overrule the lower Judge decision and reversed the discion.Virginia M. Abbott won her case with the Appeal Board on Dec 31, 2004. She will testify against the Diocese of Buffalo in our case.
Deacon Ben in August 2006 came to my office with his wife and said he just left the Diocese of Buffalo office and he was told that they were trying everything to get rid of me. It is sad but the Diocese of Buffalo used them. Sarah Webster told her brother Ed that the Diocese call her first, this was told to me by her brother. Who Knows?
Little did my in-laws know that I did not file a lawsuit against the Diocese till March 2008. The Diocese of Buffalo drew the line with me when Bishop Kmiec lawyers contacted Mr. Butler in jail to try to persuade him if a lawsuit is filed by me, to side with Bishop Kmiec and Lawyer's for the Diocese. This is more sick then my in-laws website!
Mr. Butler's, Criminal Attorney, Mary Jean B, who revealed  this to me, in late Feb 2008 will testify in court on our behalf.
The public support has been overwhelming but then again this is the fourth time. After my in-laws Lawyer Mr. Jay reviewed the documents with us he said “Why are you worried about this revelation since it is the fourth time they did this? I told him the damage that it did to my children who love this family and I never kept them away from my in-laws. What was the purpose of the website? What is the intent? What good will come out of it?
These were the questions my kid’s ask. One question was about some of my wife family past life, how would they feel if everything they did was revealed on the Internet, and lies mix with it? I told them that nothing will come out of this and I will continued doing my youth work. The thousands of teens I have helped over the past 26 years, drug abuse, jail, suicide attempts, cults, pregnancy, violence crimes, and just being there to listen, it is my calling from my Lord.
You want to talk about my past life then let all put their past on the table or on a website! No website or man will stop me from serving my Lord. Below is my favorite reading for almost 20 years and my strength:

 Chapter 2

Out of my distress I called to the LORD, and he answered me; From the midst of the nether world I cried for help, and you heard my voice.
For you cast me into the deep, into the heart of the sea, and the flood enveloped me; All your breakers and your billows passed over me.
Then I said, "I am banished from your sight! yet would I again look upon your holy temple."
The waters swirled about me, threatening my life; the abyss enveloped me; seaweed clung about my head.
Down I went to the roots of the mountains; the bars of the nether world were closing behind me forever, But you brought my life up from the pit, O LORD, my God

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