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Current News
January 2008

At the start of the New Year, we -- Laura, Nancy and Sarah -- received a letter from the Diocese of Buffalo about the outcome of their investigation into Remi Gonzalez.
In a Jan. 10 letter, the Bishop of Buffalo, Rev. Edward U. Kmiee, wrote:
"Based upon our investigation and the recommendation of the Diocesan Review Board, I have terminated all employment and volunteer service that Mr. Gonzalez had with our Diocese and any of its parishes, schools and institutions. Mr. Gonzalez may no longer serve in any role with any organization associated with the Diocese or with any parish, school, or institution associated with the Diocese."
Through our attorney, we also inform Remi Gonzalez that we have no intention of taking down our Web site.
December 2007
Remi Gonzalez sends us – Laura, Nancy and Sarah -- a letter, through his attorney, demanding that we take our Web site down.
We find no merit to the letter and decide we will not submit to Remi Gonzalez' demands.
August 2007
This is when Remi Gonzalez began speaking to the media about his intention to sue the Catholic Church, alleging it failed to protect his daughter from inappropriate behavior and sexual advances by a middle school teacher. The teacher was later convicted of possessing child pornography and endangering the welfare of a child. Outraged, we -- Laura, Nancy and Sarah -- contacted the Diocese of Buffalo to inform them of our allegations against Remi Gonzalez in 1989. See Supporting Documents for more information.
In response, the Diocese opened an investigation into Remi Gonzalez.
That is because Remi Gonzalez -- while not a priest or an employee of the Church -- operates or in some way helps facilitate several youth activity groups with religious names that use religious facilities. It is our understanding after talking to the Church that these groups are not necessarily formally associated with the Diocese or the Catholic Church, even though their names might suggest that they are affiliated.
This is a list of groups associated with Remi Gonzalez:
  • The Niagara Catholic Youth Council
  • Niagara Falls Catholic Youth Council Co-Ed Volleyball League
  • Sacred Heart Home for Unwed Mothers
  • St. Francis Youth Group, Inc.
According to a prior news article in the Buffalo News, Remi Gonzalez also has served as "chairman of the Niagara County Juvenile
Remi's Response: To The Above Current News
 Images Given to Remi Gonzalez App1986

My whole letter cannot be posted at this time because of legal litigation. The Bishop (Jan. 2 2008) stated that since I admitted to having sex with my in-law who was 17 or 18 at the time (70’s) that there was a  policy that states, anyone who admits of a sexual relationship with a 18 year old and under cannot serve in the church.

I was not an employee of the church in the 1970’s?
The letter states that “Our policy defines “child” as “(a)ny person under 18 years of age. They have yet to show me this policy and I have them all.  My letter from Bishop Kimec states that Laura Maroon, I Quote: “confirms this interaction.
Let me tell you the danger of this so called policy: if you were 18 or older male or female as I, Remi Gonzalez was in the 70’s, and you had a sexual relationship or sex with an 18 and under, even though you were not:
  •        An Employee of the Diocese
  •        A volunteer
  •        Even a Roman Catholic
If you admitted to this and in the future became Catholic or got involved in the Church you will be removed?
Even if I lied about my relationship with Laura Maroon, I still would have been removed because my now wife was 17 years old in 1972 ( I was far from being a Christian let alone Catholic) and I was 18 years old, when we had sexual relationship.
·         Does this mean that my wife, who has been a volunteer in the Diocese of Buffalo for 25 years  
          WILL BE REMOVED? If my wife had a sexual relationship with me (Remi Gonzalez age18) 
           I was a minor, (18) according to the policy (2002) of the Diocese.
           Does this policy pertain to my mother who was pregnant at 16 by her boyfriend (my dad) who
           was 18. Will my mother be remove from the ministry that she serves in Mexico?
            What about the general public who were18 in the 60’s and 70’s?
            What about all my high school friends?
            What about all my friends from the Three Pancho’s, a Mexican nightclub we owned in the  
 Was I fired three times?             Was I fired on August 30, 2007 ?

I fought the letters and proved that the letters were in retaliation for going to the New York Times and revealing the Catholic school cover up.

                                 Or Was I fired on September 14, 2007?

I also proved  that I was a member of the Catholic Church and fully participated in the Program that Don Bl was in charge of.    SEE BELOW 
Note The Date Sent To Me From Don Blowey   10/9/2007   Was I Working Again? 
                                  Or Was I fired on January 2, 2008?

The Diocese made contact  with my Lawyer from HoganWillig and told him they wanted to "table both issues", My in-laws website and my St. Dom's case. I told them I would meet with them, but I would not make a DEAL or NO DEAL with Bishop Kmiec or the Diocese of Buffalo. I was then fired again.
This is why my in-laws  were used, the Bishop lost all grounds against me. You cannot fire someone who was not involved in the church in 1970's.  My in-laws  website was used to fire me on January 2, 2008, after being cleared three times, 1989, 1994, and  in 2003.   

In reality, the Diocese of Buffalo, fired me for revealing a "cover up " by the Diocese of Buffalo and for not making a DEAL with them.
They used my in-laws 1989 story to justify my removal. A story the Diocese of Buffalo cleared me in 1989, 1994, and 2003.  

My in-laws and Sarah Webster refused to go under oath with their website story in December 2007, but wanted me to. I told the Diocese of Buffalo I would go under oath if they agreed (the people who put up the website) also. 
This is why Bishop Kmiec had his lawyer, Larry Vilardo Esq. contact my lawyers (December 2007) , from HoganWillig, to table both issues. The St. D case and my in laws website. It’s called “Deal or No Deal”.  "I will not make deals for the sake of my daughter and that’s final".
Who should have been removed? Remi Gonzalez non-active in the Catholic Church in the 70’s in my 20’s and a non-believer, or Bishop Kmiec, who was involved in another scandal  in Nashville?
(Bishop of the Diocese of Nashville,  Edward U. Kmiec  (1992-2004)

Bishop Kmiec has acknowledged giving parishioners a "misleading" ..... diocese has and continues "to cover up the incidents of priest sexual abuse of minors ... Click Link To Read
Unsealed File on Pedophile Priest Contradicts Church Statements
By Laura Frank

May 19, 2002
               Additionally, the brief reveals publicly for the first time that Kmiec received allegations
               against McKeown in 1995, six years after he was removed from the active priesthood,
               according to notes that Kmiec kept. There is no record these allegations were ever
               reported to police, prosecutors or the Department of Human Services, according to
               officials of those agencies.
 Bishop of the Nashville diocese was Edward U. Kmiec (1992-2004
January 1995 Knoxville Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell calls new Nashville Bishop Edward Kmiec. Informs him that a mother said McKeown had "dealings" with her son. (There is no evidence allegations were reported to authorities.)

September 1996 Bishop Kmiec drafts letter to McKeown asking him to stop bringing boys to Father Ryan football games. Letter apparently not mailed. Instead, longtime Ryan coach and teacher Murray Lynch tells McKeown to stop.
January 1999 John Doe 1's mother learns of abuse, calls police. Boy wears police recording wire and confronts McKeown, who admits molesting him and others Priest McKeown was not kept from Nashville children as bishop said.
In conclusion, Remi Gonzalez was a very evil person in the 1970's ,who converted his life, repented, (1982) and has served his Lord and Church faithfully.  Bishop Kmiec was a Bishop!
The website put up by my in-laws,  is not a way to try and reconciled our differences. It is to try and destroy my life with my wife my 5 children and my grandchildren. 

 I told to Ed Webster ( Sarah Webster's brother)  there lawyer, and my lawyer, that I am willing to meet with them face to face  so that healing can begin.  My in-laws  website was not the way to do it,and it did no good. 

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