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Letter to Laura Maroon
Doc: Letter to Laura Maroon

To Laura Maroon, domain owner
November 5, 2007

Re: Website ""I respectfully DEMAND the removable of the following peoples’ names from your Website. No one in the Gonzalez family has authorized the use of their names on this Website.Names include all Gonzalez family members, but are not limited to, the following:

Remi Gonzalez
All and any reference to minor children, other family members ( i.e. “Remi’s parents”) and all relatives.This includes any reference to the above people, any reference to the family in any way or form, any reference to any or all of their children, (i.e. teenage daughter), any place of residence or employment of the individuals, and any unauthorized pictures or photographs. All and any slanderous and defamatory references ( i.e. savvy criminal, pedophile, money seeking ). This is not a limited list, as all reference to any of the above individuals and family must be removed.
The Board of the Niagara Catholic Youth Council demands removal of any reference to their organization and volleyball league. A lawsuit is imminent.In speaking with Norm M, he has demanded that his name be removed. Mr. M also demands any and all information on who may have access to the Website and whom it was sent to.

Mr. Maron has stated, “I want the website completely removed.” He is considering a lawsuit.Mr. C of St. Francis, demands removal of all references to his organization and legal action may be forthcoming. Concerning the Diocese of Buffalo lawsuit, a victim’s Grandmother and guardian demands all references to the suit, to anyone involved in the lawsuit, ( i.e. “victims” ) be removed immediately. She also states that the victims are suing and the parents are not “hypocritical” or “money motivated”. Again, they are asking for all information about to whom the Website was sent to and all data on the Website. The guardian has stated a lawsuit is imminent against all involved with the Website.
There is a document called “1989 civil suit” on the web site. No suit was filed. A legally filed suit would have a County Clerk Recording Page. This is a legal document signed and dated by the county clerk in which the suit would have been filed. Since the suit never was filed, this not a “civil suit” but a statement from an individual. This must also be removed. It was revealed in November of 1989 that the statement by Sarah Webster committed perjury.
I have the permission of all the above people and organizations to state their demands.I was threatened through emails and phone calls that if we did not stop our lawsuit against the Diocese of Buffalo, disband our own Website, stop involvement in community activities including Pro Life Activities, stop speaking to the media on any issue, and “stop pretending to be a holy person” that there would be retaliation against us.

It was also stated to me personally that they would sue Remi and my daughter, N, and that we would never see any money from any lawsuit. This Website is in retaliation for not submitting to these threats.

Letter to President of the Sacred Heart Parish Council
Doc: Letter

Remi Gonzalez & Barbara Gonzalez
2412 North Avenue
Niagara Falls, New York 14305
Phone 716-622-5354 Fax 716-304-6811Dec 6 2007

This is a type copy from my files to President of the Sacred Heart Parish Council:

Fermina Gonzalez
Attorney At Law
13 Linwood Ave
Niagara Falls, New York 14305

November 10, 1989

K P, President of S Heart Parish Council

Niagara Falls, New York 14301

Dear K P & Parish councilMr. Gonzalez, who is also my brother, of his own free will allowed a letter to be discussed at a Parish Council on September 25, 1989. This letter, was outrageous, slanderous, no criminal prove and defaming. This was brought to a close on September 24 1989 at 9:30-10:00 PM and was never to be brought up in a public form again. Especially without Mr. Gonzalez consent, in reviewing this matter with him it is my understanding that you, K P have continue to discuss this matter with the parish and parish counsel members. You, K P have continue to bring up Mr. Gonzalez past at other public forms.
On October 30, 1989 this was a (Parish Council Meeting) between 7:30 and 10:00 PM you have told council members privately that Mr. Gonzalez openly admitted to all allegations from the letter of Theresa. In any event, I have reviewed the meeting that took place before September 25 1989, at Maroon’s Home Products Inc. at 2240 Pine Ave. Mr. Gonzalez made it quite clear that the allegations where 90 % lies. Especially the incident of Sarah Webster in which you told him that solid proof will be presented about Sarah Webster and the other current rape cases and he should resign.

(I talk to K P in Late November to see if remember this meeting he said yes but he does not remember everything it was 20 years ago.)No proof came up on September 25 1989 except a statement from Theresa . You Mr. P also did a illegal investigation to parents and contact other youths to find out if Mr. Gonzalez has not abuse anyone recently. The police report came back negative, The Chancery negative and the Parish Council was negative.On behalf of Mr. Remi Gonzalez and his wife Barbara we ask that you cease from your public opinion and slanderous conduct directed at Mr. GonzalezI trust that this matter is now closed.

Thank you for your cooperation I remain,

Fermina Gonzalez, Attorney At Law
The New York Times
Article from Aug. 23, 2007
Despite New Church Rules, Sex Abuse in Catholic School Went Unreported


For nearly two years, students at St. Dominic Savio Middle School here — particularly the girls — referred to Christian Butler, a part-time computer teacher, as "the Perv.”Mr. Butler began earning that nickname shortly after the school opened in 2002, frequently making lewd comments in class and, in a one-on-one encounter, coarsely complimenting a pre-teen girl on her body, according to court records and interviews with his former students, their parents and a co-worker.

Students turned on the laptop computers assigned to them to find pornography, both live and animated. At least twice, students said, Mr. Butler projected crude images, including one of two topless women wrestling in mud, onto walls during class.He was sentenced on Wednesday to four years in prison for violating probation requirements stemming from his 2005 guilty plea on charges of possessing child pornography and endangering the welfare of a minor.
At the same time, two families of his victims are filing a lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo seeking $1.5 million and an apology, claiming that school and church officials ignored repeated complaints about Mr. Butler until a former student alerted the police in June 2004."What did they do when this behavior was repeated for two years?” asked one of the plaintiffs, Remi Gonzalez, a director for the Niagara Falls Catholic Youth Council, a Eucharistic minister and the father of one of the girls. "They did nothing and made these kids live with a sexual predator.”The case has drawn particular ire from victims’ advocates because the school opened three months after the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approved its Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People at a meeting in Dallas, which mandated a zero-tolerance policy on sexual abuse. It required that church institutions "have mechanisms in place to respond promptly to any allegation where there is reason to believe that sexual abuse of a minor has occurred," and to "report an allegation of sexual abuse of a person who is a minor to the public authorities.
"David Clohessy, spokesman for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said the failure of church officials to act quickly on complaints about Mr. Butler was "especially egregious in both time and place.”"If ever these promises should be honored, it was in the immediate wake of Dallas and in a school setting,” Mr. Clohessy said. "One shouldn’t, but might, tolerate some backsliding or carelessness decades after these promises were made, but certainly not just months after.
”Kevin A. Keenan, a spokesman for the Diocese of Buffalo, declined to comment on the case, but said: "We followed our diocesan policy, which is modeled on the Dallas charter. We take these complaints very seriously.” A code of conduct signed by all employees and volunteers in the Buffalo diocese forbids "physical conduct, conversations and other communications with children or young adults that have a sexual purpose or result” and requires the reporting of any such allegation to church officials and, when appropriate, the police.
When Mr. Butler was arrested in June 2004, he was charged with running his hand up one girl’s uniform skirt, over her thigh to her underwear, verbally harassing another, and having on his computer images of children engaged in sex acts. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Judge Peter L. Broderick of Niagara County Court to six months in prison, to be followed by 10 years of probation.In June, Mr. Butler admitted violating the terms of his probation by viewing adult pornography on his computer.

At the sentencing on Wednesday, Judge Broderick scolded him, saying, "I stuck my neck out for you.”"The enormity of what you have done to the school, the kids, the families — they all wanted your scalp,” the judge noted. "I didn’t do that. I gave you a chance to change your ways and convince me that you could control your impulses. You let me down and you let yourself down.”Mr. Gonzalez’s daughter, who spoke on the condition that her first name not be published, said she began feeling uncomfortable around Mr. Butler shortly after the 2002-3 school year began."He looked at us inappropriately, reached around us, leaned over us,” recalled Miss Gonzalez, who is now 15.

Midway through that school year, according to the police report, an eighth-grade girl told school officials that Mr. Butler had made a crude comment about her body, and he admitted it during a meeting with her parents and the school’s principal,
Patricia M. Muscatello. Soon after, according to interviews, the same girl said that Mr. Butler had chased her in an empty cafeteria after school and was pulling at her cheerleader’s uniform when a teacher intervened.Virginia Abbott, who taught Spanish at the school but quit shortly before Mr. Butler’s arrest, citing the administration’s failure to follow up on complaints about him and curtail students’ violent behavior, said in a recent interview that she repeatedly spoke to the principal, Ms. Muscatello, about Mr. Butler."I told her what was going on at least 20 times,”

Ms. Abbott said. "Whenever I went to speak to her, she would laugh it off and say, ‘Oh, those girls — Christian is harmless.’ ”Ms. Muscatello, who resigned as principal in July 2004, declined to discuss particulars of the situation, but said in an interview: "These allegations are categorically untrue. Appropriate actions were taken when situations were brought to my attention.”She would not say whether Mr. Butler had been disciplined before his arrest.A classmate and friend of Miss Gonzalez’s, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity and whose family is suing the diocese, said in an interview that Mr. Butler told her one day that her regular computer was not working, so she would have to use the computer next to him.

"I felt weird going to sit next to him, so I just kept complete eye contact with my friends, kind of like, ‘If anything happens, save me,’ ” she said. "I sat there and he put his hand on my legs and I felt him put his hand up my skirt and then on my underwear. I got up and left.”The girl, who was 12 at the time, said that she told Ms. Muscatello what had happened."She said that if she got another complaint, she would do something about it,” said the girl, now 16. "I was like, ‘Isn’t she supposed to say something? Isn’t she supposed to help this go away?’
”Several months later, Miss Gonzalez said, she had her own encounter with Mr. Butler after requesting permission to use the bathroom."He pulled out his chair and said, ‘Just cross your legs and go like this,’ and he rocked back and forth,” she recalled. "I said, ‘I’m not doing that,’ and I ran out of the room.”Mr. Butler was placed on leave in June 2004, after the police were notified; he was arrested later that month.The girls said in interviews that they did not tell their parents about Mr. Butler’s conduct before the police investigation began, in part because their earlier complaints had been ignored by school officials."I felt like it was my fault,” said Miss Gonzalez’s friend, who said she had received counseling after having panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. "I blamed myself for it and I thought if I told them, they would have gotten mad and blamed me for what happened.
Every day, walking past him, I felt like it was my fault.”She said the ordeal was the main reason she enrolled at the public high school in Niagara Falls rather than continue in Catholic schools."You’re supposed to feel safe at school, you’re supposed to trust your teachers,” she said. "Nothing is ever supposed to go wrong at a Catholic school — it’s like God is watching over you, so nothing bad is supposed to happen.”Miss Gonzalez stayed in parochial schools, but said she was wary of authority figures. "It’s not that I can’t trust them, it’s, ‘Who is going to do something next?’ ” she said. "Who is the next Mr. Butler?”
Who is a Public Figure?
Article from Time Magazine

Monday July 14,2008
Who Is a Public FigureIn matters of libel, public figures are not as other mortals, according to the U.S. Supreme Court. In a series of cases since 1964, the court has ruled that a public figure cannot collect libel damages without proving that "actual malice" was involved in the publishing of inaccurate and defamatory material. Actual malice, said the court, means publishing with knowledge that a statement is false or with "reckless disregard" of whether it is false or not. The average person, on the other hand, must show only that the publisher of such material was guilty of "some type of fault," as would be found in a negligence case. The point, the court said, is to accommodate the First Amendment by giving publishers some legal "breathing space" in reporting on public figures.But who exactly is a public figure?
The high bench has recently taken a narrow view of the definition, and last week, it did so again. In 1967 Millionaire Russell A. Firestone Jr., now 49, finally won a Florida divorce from his third wife, Mary Alice Firestone, now 40, after a much publicized trial that went on intermittently for 17 months. TIME reported in MILESTONES that his divorce had been granted on grounds of "extreme cruelty and adultery." But while the judge's decision did allude to claims of extramarital escapades by both partners, he did not clearly identify the grounds. Mrs. Firestone was awarded alimony, which Florida law bans if the grounds for a divorce include adultery. She sued Time Inc. for libel and won a jury verdict of $100,000 for her mental anguish and suffering.

But she did not prove the magazine had acted with "actual malice." The publisher therefore asked the Supreme Court to throw out the libel judgment because the Palm Beach socialite was a public figure who was often in the newspapers, subscribed to a press clipping service, and even held press conferences during the long divorce fight. William Rehnquist, joined by four other justices, was unpersuaded. Mindful of the public "need for judicial redress of libelous utterances," Rehnquist held that Mrs. Firestone "did not assume any role of especial prominence in the affairs of society, other than perhaps Palm Beach society, and she did not thrust herself to the forefront of any particular public controversy in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved in it."
Rehnquist also declined to require the "actual malice" test in all cases involving coverage of judicial proceedings. The majority did send the case back to Florida courts for a determination on whether the magazine had acted "with fault." Meanwhile, journalists everywhere are now on notice that people who attract the sort of public interest that does not involve a true "public controversy" will be treated under libel law just like the average private citizen
Letter From Colette C To Bishop Kmiec

Dec. 12 2007

Bishop Kmiec
795 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14203-1250

RE: 1989 Allegations
Sacred Heart RC Church
Laura Maroon, Sarah Webster, Nancy Porto Maroon (Website), & Paul Barr
Meeting of December 7, 2007
Greetings Bishop Kmiec:
My name is Colette Clark I’m 36 years old and I came from a Catholic family in which my grandfather Joe Sorci, was consider one of the pillars of Sacred Heart Church. I was informed by Remi Gonzalez that there is a website up that states:
Quote From Website:
Updates to Our Story: Following Remi Gonzalez' media appearances, we -- Laura, Nancy and Sarah -- contacted the Diocese of Buffalo to inform them of the allegations against Remi Gonzalez. We also informed them of our complaints to the Church against Remi Gonzalez in 1989. See Supporting Documents for more information. After our discussions, the Diocese opened an investigation into Remi Gonzalez and informed him in a letter that he will not be allowed to operate inside the church.
Remi Gonzalez told me that at a meeting that was held on December 7, 2007 pertaining to allegations made by Sarah Webster, Nancy Maroon Porto and Laura Maroon. He was there with his lawyer John Licata of HoganWillig and the lawyer from Diocese of Buffalo, Larry Vilardo. There were no shown statements from these people and the Website sheets were given to Remi Gonzalez as evidence along with some question notes that Larry Vilardo had.

This investigation in 1989 had three girls’ names that was submitted to the police department by the above names mention and others. This family Theresa Kasper, Sarah Webster, Laura Maroon, Nancy Maroon and Paul Barr, went to the police department and filed a complaint on my behalf and the other two girls, that Remi Gonzalez raped me in the late 1980’s.
When Detective Brooks show up at my house in 1989 to inform me of this allegation I Colette Clark literally through him out of my house I was a teenager at the time. Paul Barr had his wife name on the Police Report as Remi Gonzalez raping her, when she was confronted at the Parish Council she denied being raped as did the third girl with her family.
This false allegation devastated me because I never file the charges. This all became public and I had to live with it for years.

Let me tell you something if it wasn’t for Remi Gonzalez I would probably not be here, today with my 4 children. I was told to go to him for help when I was raped by my Father since I was 7 to 12 years old. Remi Gonzalez spent years helping me and eventually we when to trial and had my father put in jail. Remi Gonzalez had his life threaten for me and would always tell me the Lord Jesus Christ will protect him and myself.

He even told me that one day I must forgive my father.
One more thing for your information I was injured in a car accident when I was 11 years old. My court settlement was for $3.9 million dollars. Never did Remi Gonzalez ever ask me for a dime for himself or even the Youth Ministry. In 1989 he was embezzled for $150,000.00 and was broke. Quote From Website: However, the lawsuit that Remi Gonzalez said he plans to file is quite hypocritical and we believe strictly money-seeking in its objectives.
Let me get to my point, it was stated that after the police investigation, the DA, and the Diocese of Buffalo investigation, if Remi Gonzalez was clear, the Sacred Heart Parish Council would vote that this whole ordeal will be sealed to protect my name, family , Remi Gonzalez family and others. We received an apology’s from the Diocese of Buffalo and Remi Gonzalez received a letter. If this case is brought to light again in any way I will reserved my right to file a defamation and slander suite against you and all involved.

Remi Gonzalez inform me that he talk to Pete Zacrella in Florida on November 17, 2007 who was the finance advisor at the time and Pete confirm the whole case was to be sealed after I was clear especially to protect our names that was made public back then in 1989. Remi Gonzalez also inform me that Bishop Cunningham in 2003 confirm this case was to be sealed after their meeting.
This 1989 allegations is obviously open to the public again. Mr. Larry Vilardo at the December 7 2007 using this Website as the evidences. Mr. Vilardo claims in a letter Remi Gonzalez show me that Dated September 14, 2007 that Remi Gonzalez is aware of the Allegations, show me how he was inform, Remi Gonzalez was never aware until Larry Vilardo wrote him in September 14, 2007. Don Blowey letter of September 14, 2007 and Father Dave Griffin of August 30, 2007 makes no sense. Sarah Webster, Nancy Maroon, and Laura Maroon (I understand Paul Barr involved) have no new allegations from 1989 to 2007, their Website is the claim and refers to 1989...

Reference to 1989: From Website That Was Used At The December 7, 2007 Meeting:
  • This site is run by a group of women who allege that Remi Gonzalez sexually assaulted them during the mid to late 1970s, when they were young girls, aged 7 to 15.
  • To the contrary, it is our opinion, based on our personal experiences, that Remi Gonzalez is a savvy criminal, who has escaped accountability for his crimes primarily because of the New York Statute of Limitations, which says it is too late to prosecute Remi Gonzalez for his numerous sexual crimes.
  • In 1989, nearly two decades ago, our representatives approached the Diocese, asking that Remi Gonzalez not be permitted to serve as a youth group minister or work with children in any capacity, given the allegations of sexual abuse against him.
  • At that time, the Catholic Church failed to take action against Remi Gonzalez.
    The Church is now actively investigating Remi Gonzalez.
  • Nancy
    In 1989, I realized that I was not the only one Remi abused. I struggled with this and the fact that I could have stopped future abuse in 1976.
  • Sarah Webster, then 18, sued Remi Gonzalez in a New York state court (See complaint here). (In 1989)
  • In 1989, when confronted with his crimes, Remi Gonzalez denied them and refused to apologize. He also asked Sarah to deny the allegations to protect his wife and children.
  • In 1989, I returned to Niagara Falls for a visit. I spoke with my younger sister, Nancy and she made an off-hand comment
  • Following Remi Gonzalez' media appearances, we -- Laura, Nancy and Sarah -- contacted the Diocese of Buffalo We also informed them of our complaints to the Church against Remi Gonzalez in 1989.
    After our discussions, the Diocese opened an investigation into Remi Gonzalez and informed him in a letter that he will not be allowed to operate inside the church.
  • Sarah Webster's allegations against Gonzalez are also fully outlined in a 1989 civil suit against Remi Gonzalez.
  • In this 1989 letter to Sarah, in response to the lawsuit
  • Nancy and Sarah's mother went to the police in 1989 and filed this police report.
  • In conclusion, we are pleased the Diocese of Buffalo is now investigating this matter -- even if it is nearly 20 years after we first brought the matter to their attention. We understand that both the world and the Church have evolved since that time period.
    We look forward to the decision of the Diocese Review Board.
I want this letter send to the Diocese Review Board , Don Blowey, Larry Vilardo, Bishop Cunningham and Sacred Heart Parish, also Remi Gonzalez said he would see to it that this gets send to them. Remi Gonzalez gave me a copy of his Website response and his notes to the response of the December 7, 2007 with his attorney, wife, and Larry Vilardo.
For someone like Remi Gonzalez saving Paul Barr life (See Newspaper Article) he should be thankful.
I want all the claims by Paul Barr and his sworn statement and Nancy Maroon Porto, Sarah Webster, Laura Maroon and all others if there are any.

The Website thetruthaboutremi was created on September 24, 2007 with a false city and state, yet you release Remi Gonzalez on Sept 14, 2007 on what new claims? Mr. Larry Vilardo stated he had no idea about the 1989 claims and this investigation is new, yet he is using the Website as is evidence that has nothing but references to 1989 and his past.
I understand that the 1989 allegation have already been open and that their are letters being sent out to all the parish’s about Remi Gonzalez and that Don Blowey, from the Safe Environment Program has open this allegation. I need your response on this and the purpose of all the letters and the remarks made on the website by Laura, Nancy and Sarah and your purpose for opening up the 1989 allegations. You were given all the facts, reports, and data back in 1989 and 2003.
Colette L. Clark, Lee

Letter To County Judge Broderick,Sr.
June 24, 2007

Honorable Peter L Broderick, Sr.
County Judge And Surrogate  Niagara County Court Courthouse
175 Hawley Street
Lockport, New York 14094-2758

Mr. Christian Butler
St. D S Catholic Middle School Teacher, Niagara Falls, New York
From The Parents Of Victim N G, Student of St. D
Dear Sir:
We have been informed that Mr. Butler has been arrested again for breaking probation on June 20, 2007.
On February 9, 2005, I originally wrote you a letter about Mr. Butler and the staff of St. D school. (See Exb # 1)
On the day of Mr. Butler’s court case, after my outraged, you summons me to your chamber, where we spoke. I apologized for my outraged and I was glad we talk.

You gave me your card and said if I could ever help you, please let you know.  I ask now that you please read some of the information that I’m sending you. I would appreciate some type of a meeting with Officer Dave C (Probation officer for Mr. Butler) the DA and yourself before Mr. Butler’s August 1, 2007 court appearance. If not just a meeting with the DA or yourself and I know you are a very busy person.
On March 8 2006 at 11:11 AM I called the Probation Officer, Mr. Dave C, whom I’ve known for sometime. I told him that Mr. Butler was in front  of my house with a white van when I was home and saw him. I kept this from my family and especially my daughter N. One of the reasons I brought N a new picture cell phone was because of Mr. Butler.

  The reason all this came to light was V P, A  grandmother who was also a victim of Mr. Butler. She told me that Mr. Butler followed A at Wall-Mart on February   23, 2006, Thursday, and she ran out of the store. He was right behind her in the school supply section of Wal-Mart.
I became very concern and told my wife of both incidences. She then told me that a white van was in the parking lot at Top’s Market and followed her all the way home. At that point, I call Mrs. Abbott the teacher who was fired for blowing Mr. Butler in and she stated that a white van was parked in front of her house three different times at night. The counselor, a very close friend, Kathy P, told me a white  van rode by her office.
I became very angry and concerned. I call a friend of mine who I work with on youth issues, John Humphrey from the FBI, on March 8, 2006 Wednesday, and inform him of the whole situation. That’s when he told me to call Detective P McC who work on the case and Mr. C. He also assures me who would not let this matter go. Officer C became very concern and went to Mr. Butler’s house. I then made copies of Mr. Butler’s picture from N yearbook and pass them out to all.
I met personally with Bishop Gozt (October 25,2004) who assures me that the students of St. D including the victims would receive an apology. Next thing I knew Bishop Kmiec replaced him and they said I would have to speak to their lawyers. At that point, I was force to hire an attorney on October 28, 2004 and am forced me into a civil suit with them.

Today they want to settle but the apology seems to be the big hang up. This is the most important thing to all the victims. To meet with Bishop Kmiec and tell him their story and to receive an apology and cover their counseling, attorney fees, etc.  We were inform that if we go to jury trial,  the Diocese of Buffalo will look into the children’s past and bring it up in court.

That’s where I drew the line and gave them until July 31, 2007 to meet with the kids and settle this matter or I will bring up the past of the Diocese of Buffalo and the entire story of St. D cover up.
  • Please read some extract of                    (Exb #2)   July 1, 2005 Letter.
  • Please read from the letter of                  (Exb #3)   February 27, 2007 Letter
  • Please read from Newspaper Article       (Exb#4)

Many things explain why Bishop Kmiec would never speak to us. Monsignor  Lenny B. assure me that he gave all the details to Bishop Kmiec who also ignore him. He was involved in a high profile case in Nashville, Tennessee when he was bishop in 1992 –2004. 

 I was inform by Deacon Ben M and his wife  that at a meeting, out of the blue, my name was brought up by Deacon M and  that the Diocese of Buffalo is going to try and remove me as Youth Director. This may be in retaliation. I don’t expect you to be concern with all the above details but this is bigger then we think.
This whole cover up with Mr. Butler went on for two years and we have solid proof.
I just want to meet with you and touch base on this upcoming sentence. Maybe, just maybe, an apology from Mr. Butler will start the healing process for our students (victims).
Please acknowledge that you received this letter: Thank You.      Remi Gonzalez
May The Peace of Our Lord be With You
Home 716-284-4675   Cell 716-622-5354
Niagara Falls Catholic Youth Director & Parent’s of N G
Paul Barr: I Really Don't Think I Would Be Here Today
 No one thank me more then Paul Barr's mother when she call me because her son whom she love very
much was leaving. Little did Paul know he was never coming back home. After I got the FBI involved we found out it was a scam and many young teens and adults were missing, thanks to Paul Barr, Remi Gonzalez and the FBI  we ended up breaking the entire ring.

Quote From Paul Barr:
     "I was ready and convinced that I was going," said Barr, now 21. "If I had gone off with this group I really don't think I would be here today. I really don't"
      The friend who warned him was Remi Gonzalez. 

I did nothing to Paul Barr for him to try and destroyed me with his remarks to the Diocese of Buffalo Lawyer Larry Vilardo in 2007. Not to mention in 1989. Nothing and he knows it. I change my whole life around in 1982 and help all who call on me, including Paul Barr. His mother call me to help and  I did.
Please Read Above Newspaper Article:
What confuse me was he talk about my past of the 70's even up till 2008 with no real facts to remove me or whatever. When I met him as a teen in the early 80's he was a victim of S.H and the Diocese of Buffalo, but yet never mention to the Lawyers of the Diocese of Buffalo in 1989, 2003 or 2007, what happen to him and how the Bishop and staff  cover it all up in 1980's.  I eventually had the Priest remove from the priesthood. 
 Remi Gonzalez
My 11 Year Old Son's Story
On a Friday night I, Remi Gonzalez was praying and I ask the Lord to protect my son R and to always be with him. On Jan 24, 2009 the next day, my 11 year old son came downstairs to my wife and I, he said:
I was looking at the rosary in my bedroom and I asked the Lord to give me a sign that he is with me. I told the Lord I wanted the wind to blow all around me and  to hear a whistling noise. I when to to your bedroom, Dad and all of a sudden the wind was blowing all around me very very hard and the  whistling noise that was so loud I couldn't stand it.
        "Dad, He the Lord heard my prayer, son yes and he will if you pray to him and beleive".
I have a great relationship with our beloved Mother and I'm blessed to be given and have one of three images in Untied States of her apparations.

I have rosary's from Mexico where the Beloved Mother Mary appeared to Juan Diego, my in-laws are welcome to them, I would be glad to mail them..............Healing starts with prayer.

Our Lady de Guadalupe:

“Know and understand well, you the most humble of my son, that I am the ever virgin Holy Mary, Mother of the True God for whom we live, of the Creator of all things, Lord of heaven and the earth. I wish that a temple be erected here quickly, so I may therein exhibit and give all my love, compassion, help, and protection, because I am your merciful mother, to you, and to all the inhabitants on this land and all the rest who love me, invoke and confide in me; listen there to their lamentations, and remedy all their miseries, afflictions and sorrows.
Attorneys Mediation Meeting
Mediation Meeting: H Russ III
The Diocese of Buffalo wanted to meet on the Catholic School scandal. The Diocese ask my attorneys from HoganWillig for me, Remi Gonzalez to appointed a neutral  mediator . So I submitted three names:  Dr. Raphael T. Waters PhD,  Bishop Edward Groz (Past Western Niagara Vicariate) & Father Jim LeBar (Exorcist whom I knew personally) Archdiocese of New York.
Bishop Kimec and the Attorneys for the Diocese of Buffalo rejected all three and appointed H Russ III a Federal Lawyer. I accepted because we had nothing to hide.I sacred them by picking three very holy men. The meeting was set for January 24, 2007
Jan 24 2007 Mediation: Hugh Russ III
The attorneys show up without Bishop Kimec who was supposed to be at this meeting. .Hugh R III separated us into two rooms. The girls, wanted to meet with the Bishop or to be able to tell them the truth about Catholic School cover up.

The meeting took place and I will share a few things that were said:  The Diocese of Buffalo and some staff members knew for two years while these girls were 11 and 12 years old. No one protected these kids excepted the Spanish teacher Mrs. Abbott. Mr. R H was told about what happen to all three girls including the one that was almost rape in the room.
To Mr Russ: From Remi Gonzalez:
Mr. Butler after getting out of jail was at my house in a white van. Follow my wife home from Top's Market, he pass Virginia Abbott house three times and Katy P saw the white van.

Mr. Butler then follows A. G.(victim) into Wal-Mat and she runs into him at the school supply section and she freaks out.
Mr. Russ: A. G. is this truth, YES

My daughter told Mr. Russ about how she was taken out of class because, on school dress down day, she was 11 years old at the time, they told her that her shorts were to short. She was not allow back in class. But, when all the kids reported to some staff members about Mr. Butler nothing was done! The victims then told Mr. Russ everything that happen in two years while they were students at this Catholic School.
Mr. HRuss III was very disturbed after hearing and speaking to the kids and said something he was not supposed to say : "you kids not only deserved an apology but the Courage Award".
Remind You: This Lawyer was appointed by the Diocese of Buffalo and Bishop Kimec.
In Conclusion:  

Father S, Canonical Advisors stated at a Vicar meeting that "the kids exaggerated" the whole situation at the Catholic School.(Source Deacon Ben)

Noelle Response : "Was Mr. Butlers arrested and conviction exaggerated"! 
Our Lawyers Met with the Diocesan Attorneys After This Meeting:
One Thing That I Will Share That Was Said:

The Diocese of Buffalo will dig into the kids pass and will bring it up if we go to court. This was said at mediation meeting.
Remi: What in the name of God could  11 year old's  pass life be like? Mr. Butler admission
and conviction isn't that enough?
Some Stories
You have probably seen or read the web site above pertaining to my family, myself, other people and organizations. The people who posted the Website are my wife’s family and my in-law’s. Other then a few sentence I have not spoken to these people in almost 20 years, they call me a Public Figure and I’m a private person.
A response will be coming once all potential criminal and/or civil matters regarding the Website,, have been resolved.
This Website published personal information, like my home address, and they as of November 30, 2007, have removed my home address from their front page. This was a crucial problem because anyone could have access to my family. This web site and my address should have never been made public in the first place but the damage is done.
For those of you who know me and for those of you that don’t, I would like to state that there is no doubt that my pass life in the 70’s was beyond evil. As an example, Sacred Heart Church, in which I am the Co Youth Director and Co Pro Life Chairman, would not marry Barbara and me in 1973 because they said I was a “EVIL PERSON”.

 My past, good or bad, is part of my history, as with all of us, the dark side we hate. There are a lot of things that I did in my past and there are a lot of things that I didn’t do.

 I will not allow anyone to add stories or lies to my past.

All the work I do as a volunteer, being a youth director is my calling from my Lord, Jesus Christ. From Pope John Paul II after my visitation with him in Rome 1981 and from my visitation with Mother Teresa, along with a letter we received from her to continue our work on defending human life and especially from a special mass that honored our work at St. Patrick’s in NYC with Cardinal O’Connor. I also received a letter from him the day before he die encouraging me to continue of work.
Let me tell you a few stories:
  • There was this guy who hated his life. He is alive today after we took him into my house and helped him. He is now a teacher. I was asked to help.
  • Another guy was dropped on my porch by his friend and I was asked to help. It came to be that he had alcohol poisoning and today he is a principle in a public school.
  • And another young man was having severe problems, I was asked to help him and I did. Today he is a principle at a public school.
  • There was a couple who was involved in a Fundamentalist Christian church, I was asked to help by their friends. Every Sunday at mass this pastor would tell his people that Remi Gonzalez was from Satan and was sent to destroy their church. The pastor was arrested for raping the school children and stealing money. The Church was shut down and the congregation was mostly made up of ex Roman Catholics experienced a rude awaking.
  • Another young man was being sexual assault by a teacher at the school he attended. After being Introduced to me by his friend, I was asked to help, and I did. He is now a political elected official.
  • I was asked to help from many calls I got in the late1980’s and 90’s when 2 young kids were be beating at home.
I was asked to help. And who were these people who asked me to help?
 They were my in-laws, my wife’s sisters and brothers and family, who ask me to help their friends and others since 1980’s and 90’s.

In speaking to my nephew, E W, and talking about his sister’s Website, he told me to call her but to be kind and she will talk to me. I told him I do not want to bring in the FBI or file a class action lawsuit and that I wanted to resolve this before matters got worse. I asked Ed to call his sister and tell her my wife and I will meet with all of them so we can table all our anger and disputes and resolve what ever pain they have and he said he would.

After being touch by Pope John Paul II in Rome (1981) I started to quit my evil life, which involved organized crime and racketeering. My bad habits like, one bottle of tequila and two bottles of Black Velvet every week. , three packs of cigarettes a day, drugs, speed, LSD and coke, all ended. How? A professical counselor friend of mine said it all to well.

That no one could have quit all that I was doing and had done unless it was from God himself that healed me. My Lord, Jesus Christ healed, forgave and told me to go and help all those who He puts in my pathway, and help them from the bondage I once was in. I have never returned to any of my bad habits since I have been healed by my Lord Jesus. Twenty-six years is a long time.
In my confession to a Roman Catholic Italian priest, I told him all my sins and I was in tears and told him I’m unworldly to serve my Lord , even to be forgiven. How evil of a person I was. He told me never to give up serving the Lord and the Youth. He said to me that my greatest attacks would come from Satan himself.

I told my wife, in 1982, the year I was appointed Youth Director, that she is one of two, if asked; I would stop my work with youth because my sacrament of marriage is my holy orders and my wife is my wisdom. The other is my Lord, Jesus Christ. He can remove me from this earth at any given time.
Remi Gonzalez, Praise be to the Lord.

Psalms 51: 7 v 17

7       True, I was born guilty, a sinner, even as my mother conceived me.
8       Still, you insist on sincerity of heart; in my inmost being teach me wisdom.
9       Cleanse me with hyssop, that I may be pure; wash me, make me whiter than snow.
10     Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice.
11     Turn away your face from my sins; blot out all my guilt.
12     A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit.
13     Do not drive me from your presence, nor take from me your holy spirit.
14     Restore my joy in your salvation; sustain in me a willing spirit.
15     I will teach the wicked your ways, that sinners may return to you.
16     Rescue me from death, God, my saving God, that my tongue may praise your healing power.
17     Lord, open my lips; my mouth will proclaim your praise.
We Have To Forgive Them DAD

Power of Forgiveness: I am going to end this with something that happened this summer.First lets start with what really started all this. It was my past with my in-laws and Sarah Webster that has been revealed publicly in 1989, 1994, 2003.  My wife received a phone call from her sister Eva on August 25, 2007 the day I was on TV, New York Times etc.  Eva stated that the family was upset because Remi Gonzalez was insensitive to them. Even though I 've been on TV, National TV and in every newspaper you can think of for the last 26 years.

That Remi shouldn’t have sued the Church and that I was doing this strictly for money.Eva also stated that she will call the Diocese of Buffalo herself and told my wife that they will file a lawsuit against Remi Gonzalez and Noelle. She stated that this family would make sure my daughter will never see any money.This family said this with no regard or idea of what my daughter and the rest of this school went through for 2 years. Remember they were 11 years old when all this started. 
Do they even know what happened? NO.After our lawsuit the public will have all the details including the rape attempt in the cafeteria by the teacher who is in jail as I speak, the porn, violence and the cover up. After my in-laws website was posted I had to tell my daughters about it and told them to read it. My two sons already knew about the accusations because I told them about the 1989, 1995, and 2003 ordeals.  But I told them to read it too. 

 I have never seen so much pain, confusion and hate come out of my children especially from N G and R G I had to teach them they must forgive them because this is not the way to resolve issues.  My in-laws and Sarah believed that this website was going to produce hundreds of victims. After all I was a youth director for nearly 26  years.  My kids must forgive them because the Lord said this “ Vantages is mine the Lord”.The nature of my daughter N G was great;  she was indeed the one that all the kids at Saint D school went to about Mr. Butler.v  She was the one who called the meetings with the teachers to tell them what he was doing to the kids. v      

She was the one who was punched and hit three times in one day and nothing was done. v      She was the one who told the Spanish teacher Mrs. Abbott. After the entire class told Mrs. Abbott what Mr. Butler had done to N in class.v      She was the one who told Mrs. W.  so that the Principal would do something.v       She was the one who got the kids to stay together as a group for 2 years.v      

She was the one who told the administration that Mr. BUTLER is a and I quote “perv”.v  She was 11 years old.
Did any of my in-laws to this day call her and tell her how brave she was and how sorry they were that she had to live this way for two years at St. D. No, instead they threatened to file a lawsuit against her putting up this website about me.  Real smart!This explains the two awards N G  received:v      Congressional Young Leadership 2007v      National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine 2008

Despite everything going on Eva invited my daughter N G to dinner when she came into town this summer and she accepted. My whole family then went hay wire. I told them that this is N G decision and she is setting a good example to us" ignorant adults" about the power of forgiveness. N G  said to me “Dad we all have something in the past that we don’t like. This is my family and I will associate with them and forgive them.” 
 I told N G I was very proud of her.I going to make this clear. This family can do, say, and speak all they want about me. However they crossed the line when they involved my children and this I will not tolerate.I will open the door of reconciliation again and will be willing to meet my in-laws and Sarah Webster.  To all of my friends and family and for that matter my enemies, I am at peace with all of this my Lord is my strength and healer.
In April of this year I drove to New York City hoping that I would get to see Pope Benedict XVI.  I brought with me the St. D School documents, a copy of the Historic Land Mark application, all the data of the work I  had done since 1982, the Image of the Virgin de Guadalupe one of only three in United States, the letter I have from Mother Teresa and the pain the website has caused my children.

I was blessed to be 12 feet from the Holy Father and I lifted all that I brought with me and he stared into my eyes and blessed me.  REMEMBER WHAT I SAID EARLIER ON MY WEBSITE: THEY WANTED  A DEAL:

This is why Bishop Kmiec had his lawyer Larry Vilardo, Esq. contact my lawyers (December 2007) , from HoganWillig to table both issues St. D case and my in laws website. It’s call “Deal or No Deal”. I will not make deals for the sake of my daughter and that’s final.

Finally, I cannot even begin to say how many people I run into at restaurants, weddings, wakes, class reunions and even this November 2008 at my nephew Ed W club." Remi I remember this, and that and when we or you this that, sometimes I don't even know there faces let alone their names". I have no problems talking about my past life from the 1970's (30 years ago), never did, but to put up a website.  But if you do, it better be 100% accurate.   Finally I was reading N G poems or letters and I noticed a quote she had on it, how true:

“ Nobody can go back and start a new beginning
                                                                                             , But anybody can start today and make a new ending. ”

y in-laws and Sarah Webster need to bring all their feelings and hate at the foot of the cross, because the only one who is going to heal them is the Lord, Jesus Christ.
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