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Years abused: 1978-1979.
Age: 7-8.

Relationship to Gonzalez: Sarah Webster is the niece of Gonzalez' wife, Barbara.
Allegation: Remi Gonzalez and his wife frequently babysat Sarah through part of the 1970s.
About 1978-79, Mr. Gonzalez began a process of seducing Sarah, then aged 7-8, with gifts, such as her first pair of designer jeans and jewelry, as well as inappropriate remarks and advances. He also regularly consumed illegal substances, such as marijuana, in her presence.
Eventually, Gonzalez rubbed her flat, bare chest for sexual gratification. He forced her to perform oral sex on him.
He also digitally penetrated her vagina with his finger.
This abused happened several times at Remi Gonzalez' apartment on Linwood Avenue in Niagara Falls. It also happened on overnight family camping trips to Darien Lake.
In 1989, when confronted with his crimes, Remi Gonzalez denied them and refused to apologize. He also asked Sarah to deny the allegations to protect his wife and children.
Sarah Webster, then 18, got an attorney and prepared to sue Remi Gonzalez in a New York state court (See complaint here).
After being served with a copy of the complaint, Remi Gonzalez wrote Sarah a letter, trying to dissuade her memory. (This letter from Remi Gonzalez is filled with inaccuracies and lies).
She eventually dropped the matter when she moved out of state to attend college, in an effort to move on with her life. She is now a successful professional in the Midwest.
Years abused: 1974 to 1976
Age: 13

Relationship to Gonzalez: Nancy is the younger sister of Gonzalez's wife, Barbara.
Remi, who is married to my sister Barbara, started to frequent the house that she lived in with her parents. He alleged that these visits were to counsel me since I was starting to get into trouble (i.e. Fighting with parents). Remi would take me for a ride and we would talk. During these visits he would let me smoke cigarettes, drink alchol and smoke marijuana.
One time he came over and was visibly drunk and high. We went for a ride and he asked me to smoke a marijuana joint with him. He proceeded to take off my pants and touch my chest and vagina. This happened two other separate times.
One afternoon, again when he visited, he took me to a motel room. He bought alcohol for us to share. He took off my pants and shirt and penetrated me with his penis. Shortly after this, I would babysit at his apartment. He would come home before his wife and proceed to take off my pants and touch my chest and vagina. This happened at least two times. I would usually try to fight him off or my sister would come home.
In the summer of 1976, I was babysitting. He again approached me and I told him no. I was extremely upset. He grabbed my arm and tried to force me to touch him. I screamed. His parents, who lived in the apartment downstairs, come to see if everything was OK. He said it was and we all went to bed.
When he was sleeping, I went downstairs to tell them that Remi tried to rape me. They let me stay the night. When my sister came home, she brought me back to my parent's house in the morning but asked me not to tell anyone what happened. She told me to say that Remi and her had gotten into a fight.
The abuse finally stopped.
At one point Remi did say he was sorry that this happened to me.
In 1989, I realized that I was not the only one Remi abused. I struggled with this and the fact that I could have stopped future abuse in 1976. I realized then that Remi was a pedophile. He should not be working with children. I gave as much support that I could mentally handle at that time to my family and the other children he abused.
Years abused: 1973 to 1975
Age: 14 to 15

Relationship to Gonzalez: Laura is younger sister of Gonzalez's wife, Barbara.
The majority of the abuse and the worse of it occurred after Remi and Barbara were married in 1973 when I would have been 14 to 15 years old. Remi was 20 to 21 years old.
There was a trip to Canada with alcohol and marijuana where Remi got a hotel room because he couldn’t drive home. There was another hotel room on Niagara Falls Boulevard where Remi took photos of me dressed in lingerie he bought. Intercourse occurred at both these hotels. There was at least 2 times when intercourse occurred at Barbara and Remi's apartment on Linwood Avenue; in their bedroom and in the living room.
Remi would return home alone while I was babysitting their son. During this time, there were a great many advances.
I also remember Remi coming out of his bedroom while my sister slept and he would stand over me and touch me while he was exposed to me. I remember being very scared about being caught by my sister. The abuse ended before I was 16 but I cannot say exactly when this was.
Looking back, I believe it happened when Barbara found the photos that Remi took. She and I were in her kitchen on Linwood and she was very upset with me and told me that Remi was destroying the photos. She was not apologetic in anyway at this time and I remember feeling incredibly guilty and horrible as a person especially a sister.
While the majority of abuse and the worse of it happened after Barbara and Remi were married, there was a great deal of attention given to me while my sister still lived at our parent’s home. He spent a lot of time at our house when he was dating Barbara. I remember that Remi bought me clothes and took me driving in his car a lot. Sexual touching and kissing happened at this time. There was also marijuana and/or alcohol involved. At this time, I would have been 13 to 14 years old.
In 1989, I returned to Niagara Falls for a visit. I spoke with my younger sister, Nancy and she made an off-hand comment. It was then that I realized that Remi abused her as well. I was 30 years old at this time and she was 28 years old. Up until this time, I had assumed I was the only one. I also realized that Nancy was abused at a much earlier age then myself.
I began calling my sisters to tell them and Theresa (mother of Sarah) asked Sarah about it and she told her about the abuse at the young age of 8. The church had a parish council meeting at this time and believed Remi when he said that we had an “affair.” Remi also admits to this "affair" in this part of a letter to Sarahin 1989. It is unclear what they said about his sexual relations with Nancy and/or Sarah. The church continued to let Remi lead their Youth Group.
Remi's Response To Above: OUR STORIES
From Their True Stories:

Response To Pages 1-5:
Sarah Abuse Story:                            
Nancy Abuse Story:                       Laura Abuse Story
Sarah Webster: 1989 allegation and others:
Sarah Webster states that the whole $1,000,000.00 civil suit in which she was within the statutes of limitation, was dismissed because she moved to college:
Sarah Webster claims on this web site OUR TRUE STORIES:
That when she was “7-8 during 1978-1979 ,I was seducing her, bought her designer jeans and jewelry "smoked marijuana in front of her "and  this happened at Darien Lake.
ON Sarah 1989 Civil Suite SUMMONS:
Conflicting Stories: Your (Sarah Webster) 1989 summons states:
                      Section 6:  September 1979 through 1980.
                      Section:7:   It started in September 1979 through 1980.
                      Section 8:  You were 8 or 9 years old and happened while I was babysitting
                      Section:15: September 1979 to 1980 and that Barbara Gonzalez was aware
  • Sarah came to my house, at 5:30 on July 3, 1989. C M. and Sarah’s Uncle were there.   CM. heard the whole conversation. Sarah eventually in our 1-hour conversation changed her entire story and said I touched her once. I told Sarah that she told (1989) everyone that my wife her aunt watched me rape her for over a year when she was 7 years old!    Please Read Below:
  • Sarah told a member, of Sacred Heart, in 1989, who worked with us in youth ministry that I raped her in 1984, which  she retracted later. (Pat McC)
  • Sarah then accused a family member (of her's) of raping her step sister for two years and they believed her and took her sister to Beeman Clinic adding to the investigation on the family member and me.
  • Norm Maroon, and this family member called me at my office to inform me of this. Her brother Ed  also knew she did this and came to my house very upset. The family member (Sarah side) and Remi Gonzalez were cleared by Beeman Clinic and Child Protection.
  • Sarah accused me of homosexually activities with Sarahs' brother  and Uncle. Which never happened. Both of them denied this allegation.
  • In 1989 Sarah Webster and others filed a police report that I raped two or three girls in late 1980's .The victims came to my defense. I will address this later.
  • Sarah Webster told her brother Ed , on November 2, 1989 at 9:30 PM, (Ed called me from Maine) , that I, Remi ,tried to have her killed. She told him that a car almost ran her over and then followed her home. She told Ed that it happened a couple of days after the Lawsuit in October 1989 was filed. Adding more lies to the investigation. ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES !
  • Ed W. revealed to us, which was given to my attorney in 1989, that on November 21, 1989 at 6:30 pm , Eddie W. told us that Sarah had to name my wife in the lawsuit. Section:14-23 so that Remi could not transfer his money to my wife. Sarah told Eddie that her lawyer (others) told her not to tell anyone. Sarahs' summons states this was the whole truth and she understood the penalties for perjury.
Section: 14-23 was all lies, thus resulting in committing perjury.
We then started a counter lawsuit for perjury and Sarah Webster dropped all charges. This information was then forwarded late Nov 1989, to the Lawyers, Detectives, and  the Diocese of Buffalo, and Parish Council. (Retold in 2003 and submitted to the Review Board) .One week later, Nov. 30, 1989, I was cleared by the Diocese of Buffalo. (I have this letter).

  • On Jan 27, 1990 Saturday night Sarah talked to Eddie and asked him why he broke a personal vow not to reveal confidentiality. Eddie said to Sarah he only told Remi the truth of what Sarah Webster and her lawyer did. Eddie told me about this conversation, Jan 28, 1990 Sunday12:15.
  • In 1989 Ken P. (President, who wanted me to resign as youth director) and the Sacred Heart Parish Council set up a boiler phone room. He told me that they had contacted over 1000 teens that I worked with, youth ministry, shelter homes and Confirmation kids. He said they were shocked, from the" positive response" and the lives of the kids that I helped was overwhelming.
All the above was submitted to the police, Diocese, lawyers and the SH Parish Council and Retold in 2003 and submitted Bishop Robert Cunningham who needed it for the review board.
Remi Response's: As for Nancy Remarks:
  • I will not respond to the above web remarks because they contradict what happened and how we resolved her claims in 1989.
  • Nancy and I spoke in Nov. 1981 Thanksgiving Day at my new house , if she wants to reveal what we spoke about let everyone be presented so the truth comes out.
  • I was called to go and see if I could help Nancy in the late 1970’s by her sisters. I went to her house because she had "kill" engraved into her arm with a razor blade. I was not “sent there” to counsel her because I never counseled anyone in my life back then. As stated in the Web Site. She told me she was going to take her life because she hated her" father" and the one brother. She said he was beating her up and her little sister R all the time and her parents "will not do nothing". So, my goal was to somehow  help Nancy and R . Did I give her pot, yes.
  •  Nancy calls me one day and said her brother just got done beating her and her little sister up again. I became very mad and when to look for him. I found him at Maple Ave playing basketball with his friends. We had a few words and a few other things happened, he never touched them again.
  • Nancy also had a conversation with my sister Dr. Fermina Gonzalez about her problems at home. Nancy Maroon stated to some Parishioners that I raped her 5 times. She had denied this to her father when he confronted her and said she never was raped by me, never. 
  • One of the reasons Nancy got involved in 1989, she told her sister B G, Nancy was told by Paul Barr that Remi had recently raped three girls. Nancy said she knew I  had changed my whole life around but was concerned about these rape allegations. My wife wanted to know who the girls were, Nancy stated the police are investigating and could not say the names. I was facing 30 years in jail because of these people and their lies.  I WAS CLEARED ! 
Nancy then states on her Web Site: “The abuse finally stopped,. At one point Remi did say he was sorry that this happened to me.” I never apologized to her about all statement on her Website.
This must be remembered, there are a lot of things I did in the 70’s from my past that are true and there are a lot from my past that are lies.
Laura Maroon Allegations: Remi Response's: As For Lauras' Remarks:
  • Laura was about a two-year affair starting when she was 17 or 18 years of age. We went to dinner, dancing at nightclubs and it lasted until she was about 18-19?.
  • I ended it because I found out she was also having an affair with her boss who owned the book store I believe on the corner of Main or Third street.
  • Then while we were at the Armory Lounge dance club, a teacher walked in and Laura panicked and said "please lets go some place else". She later told me that she was having an affair with I believe Mr. F---- , a teacher at high school.
  • I ask if there was anyone else.She said with another married man who she baby-sits for. A couple of months later we drove around for 2 hours and we ended our affair. I also apologized to her for the affair. Laura was also posing nude for an Artist.
  • Laura stated I took her to Canada at 14 years old. How did they let me take a minor into Canada without ID. We did go to Crystal Beach (Canada) when she was older.
All the information above was given to the Diocese of Buffalo Msgr (Bishop) Cunningham,Msgr. Streng and the Parish Council. We told Bishop Cunningham in 1989 and 2003 all my past adultery life in which my wife forgave me and the church absolved me of all my sins, and was never to be mentioned again by the Diocese of Buffalo.
Nonetheless in December  2007, it was brought up during a hearing with the Diocese of Buffalo in which my wife, attorney and I were present.

Special Note:
At the December 7, 2007 meeting the Diocese of Buffalos' Attorney Larry Vilardo with my Attorney John Licata (HoganWillig), told me that Sarah Webster stated that at Darien Lake, I took all the adults from my Mobile home and put them in trailer. Then put all the kids (including my child) with Sarah, in another trailer and then at night went into the Mobile home and raped  Sarah Webster who was 7 years old at the time. 
That’s where I drew the line and within minutes we left OR should I say I ended the meeting. After that remark I did not care if the Diocese of Buffalo fired me. 
SPECIAL NOTE: Paul Barr claims were also made at this meeting in Dec 7, 2007 by the Diocese of Buffalo Attorney.  
He was discredited after Attorney Vilardo spoke to Chris M, who confirmed my story about Paul Barr. We’ll leave it at that for now.
  • One section of her website states that the abuse started in 1978 and Sarah Webster 1989 lawsuit stated that it started 1979?
  • Darien Lake rape story was never mentioned in the 1989 civil suit. She had to give the Diocese of Buffalo a new story in December 2007. Another Lie.
  • Darien Lake rape story was never mention in 1989, 1994,  or 2003.
In Sarah Websters' civil suit she states that her counseling Section 11 she was receiving medical counseling.

She was because I sent her to a friend of mine who counseled our teens in our program. Her and her mother went and saw Dr. L.... a friend of mine. The counseling was because Sarah and her brother Ed W. were having problems at home.

Dr John D took care of all our teen girls who needed prenatal care..
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