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Laura, Nancy and Sarah welcome your feedback about the activities of Remi Gonzalez, this website and the subject of sexual abuse in families and the Catholic Church.

All media and personal inquiries can be directed to Sarah Webster at [email protected]

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My Response To This Section:Even Sarah
    Webster mother e-mail us of her dismay. Theresa in 1989 was one of the key people trying to destroy me and my family.
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Spamming people with their website and getting into the data base of Niagara Falls School system data is breaking the law. I know Carmen  the school superintendent; I played racquetball with him for almost 20 years and other school officials.  

I will have the school officials look into this matter to see who got into the database.On there website it stated that, quote: Remi is a pedophile. They all believe this and this was one of the reason for their website. They believe that 100’s of kids would come forward.

Since there is no cure for this sickness Remi Gonzalez still must be doing it. Not one kid came forward and I help thousands of teens in my 26 years as a Youth Director and been in contact with over 8,000 teens.Do I have the signs of a Pedophile as stated on this website: I decided to look up what a Pedophile was. If the below data that I found and read is true, working with thousands of teens for almost (1982) 26 years, where are all my victims?
  • Many of these pedophiles are involved with a number of children on a weekly and even daily basis.

  • The Washington Times:
    There is no cure for pedophilia.
    There is no way to be sure that a man who is sexually attracted to children can erase those urges, even if he wants to and even if he gets the best treatment in the country. I ( The Washington Times) attended a prosecutor's seminar on sexual predators when I was a practicing attorney and was told that the average pedophile has hundreds (yes, hundreds) of victims over a lifetime.
     Mr. C M. is very familiar with all these cases. He is the co-youth director of Sacred Heart sat on the Parish Council and Finances Committee. He was at the 1989 meeting about Sarah Webster and others. He was at the 1994 meeting where I was cleared ,and informed on the 2003 case. He will confirm that the Website has the same accusations of the ones I was cleared of in 1989, 1994, and 2003.
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