The Real Truth About Remi Gonzalez - Why Now
The Real Truth About Remi Gonzalez - Company Message
Why Now?                          
A response to his public actions Remi Gonzalez brought this public exposure upon himself.
For decades now, we have tried to live our lives in peace and have consequently let Remi Gonzalez do so as well -- without the challenge or censure we feel he truly deserved.
But in August 2007, Remi Gonzalez told several newspapers and TV reporters that he intended to sue the Diocese of Buffalo for $1.5 million on behalf of his teen-age daughter, who was allegedly victimized by a teacher, who made inappropriate remarks to her and her fellow students.
 In 2005, Christian Butler, the teacher, pleaded guilty to charges of possessing child pornography and endangering the welfare of a minor. In August 2007, he was sentenced to four years in prison for violating the terms of his probation on those charges.
Remi Gonzalez alleged that the Diocese had a duty to protect his child, who was not physically harmed, from this convicted criminal.
We wholeheartedly agree that churches and schools have a responsibility to protect the young and vulnerable. However, the lawsuit that Remi Gonzalez said he plans to file is quite hypocritical and we believe strictly money-seeking in its objectives.
In 1989, nearly two decades ago, our representatives approached the Diocese, asking that Remi Gonzalez not be permitted to serve as a youth group minister or work with children in any capacity, given the allegations of sexual abuse against him.
At that time, the Catholic Church failed to take action against Remi Gonzalez.
The Church is now actively investigating Remi Gonzalez.
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Sarah Webster in 1979. She alleges Remi Gonzalez began sexually abusing her during this period.
Remi's Response: To Why Now
My LIfe Change 1982 Because of this Man
Picture Taken By My Sister Dr. F Gonzalez
         I Met The Holy Farther Twice.

We never filed a lawsuite yet and this will be a class action suite.
You stated that my child was not physical harm, would you like to talk to Noelle and tell her. Do you have all the facts, remmber I call the New York Times and they interview all the viticms. The court trial will reveal all. Did you know there was a attempted rape in the school? Did you know Noelle was beaten three times on the same day in school they call them Mr. Butler’s bullies. The other girl was also hit on the head ever morning by Mr. Butler’s bully. What facts do you have Sarah/others ? None! Do you have a problem aginst your cousin Noelle.
You stated I’m strictly-seeking money. Even the Diocese of Buffalo will disagree with you.  Did you know that they invaded my house with 9 undercover officers and broke into my house pushing my daughter Raquel. They had Gabriel Gonzalez in chain like a dog with every tyep of weapon you can thing of with no search warren. They try to arrest four times early in the year. Wrong Gabriel Gonzalez, wrong weight, wrong height and he is not from New York City. Did I have a lawsuite, lawyers were knocking my door down. All I wanted was a meeting with the police, the Chief and my family follow by an apolgily with a letter of acknowdlementYour free to call Superintendent John Chella.
The Church did look into the accusation made in 1989, 1994, 2002/03. Clear all three times
Did you know why Mr Butler was send to jail Twice.................I Do
Remi Gonzalez Response: This Data Was Also Given To Them and their Lawyer in April 2008 With No Dispute: Why Now
They  also stated that if Noelle files a Lawsuite against the Catholic Church for what Mr Butler Butler did to her, they will file one against her and myself Remi Gonzalez.

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